*******MAY 22 - 8h00 AM ************

RAMQ has updated their system to correct the problem. All invoices containing context elements #DC19 and #PSM can be sent to RAMQ and won’t get error messages.

To correct invalid requests that resulted from this problem, you must proceed to save again all invoices in your invalid.

Should there still be errors, please contact us at 1 866 332-2638 or by email at facnet_support@facturation.net

*******MAY 21 - 1h00 PM ************

RAMQ has confirmed that invoices that include the following context éléments are not admissible :

1765 : Modalités de rémunération spécifiques (Ep-17)- Programme de santé mentale en CLSC; (#PSM)

1821: Service rendu à distance dans le cadre de la COVID-19 (#DC19)

Resolution is scheduled for tomorrow morning, May 22. We will update this page to confirm that everything works as soon as it will be functional again.

*******MAY 21 - 8h00 AM ************

Users are getting an error message from RAMQ when they bill with the context element #DC19 for remote services.

[RAMQ] Conformément au paragraphe 3.19 de la Lettre d'entente no 269 concernant certaines modalités de rémunération applicables en période de grippe saisonnière, le code de facturation est incohérent avec l'élément de contexte à cette date. : 1

We contacted RAMQ and are waiting for their follow up, therefore you don’t need to contact us for this specific message.

If you have this problem, we suggest that you hold your billing and try again later to avoid having to go back to invalid invoices and save them one by one.

We will update this blog as soon as RAMQ will have fixed the problem.



Our telephone provider has been experiencing channel saturation problems for the past week du to a much higher volume of calls than usual.

This situation means that the Facturation.net telephone line is often unavailable. If, when you call, you have a busy signal, you can always reach us by sending a message via secure messaging or an email to your advisor, or to the general mail box that applies to you :

For General Practitioners : facnet_facturation_omni@facturation.net

For Specialists : facnet_facturation_spec@facturation.net

This situation is out of our control and we are very sorry for inconveniences.

RESOLVED : RAMQ Error message 1033


Last night, RAMQ updated their system to correct the error « 1033 – l'expéditeur n'a pas les droits pour transmettre une demande au nom de ce professionnel demandeur. » which occured when an invoice had to bemodified or cancelled.

As of now, we can transmit payment requets, modifications or cancellation without getting the inadminissibility message for these requests. To correct requests that are in error, you must go back to these requests and save them again.

Should there still be errors, please contact us at 1 866 332-2638 or by email at facnet_support@facturation.net

RAMQ inadmissibility error message 1033


RAMQ is currently experiencing problems with the modification, re-invoicing or cancellation of certain requests. This situation is not unique to Facturation.net, all medical billing software providers are impacted.

«Details regarding the inadmissibility message « 1033 – l'expéditeur n'a pas les droits pour transmettre une demande au nom de ce professionnel demandeur.»
This problem can occur when an agency tries to modify or cancel an invoice and that the said agency doesn’t have a business relations with the personal account (personal finances) of the professional.»

RAMQ is aware of the problem, you don’t have to contact us to report it. We will keep you informed of developments on our website’s blog, which can be opened by clicking ‘LOGIN’ on www.facturation.net/en/.

We are sorry for inconveniences caused by this problem.

Would you know any resident physician ready to begin their medical practice?


Our experts offer FREE trainings to new resident physicians so that they can get started with medical billing and deliver their first payment requests. Please share with them the following link to register for the training: click here

Specialists: billing in a COVID-19 context


To consult our summary of important information transmitted by the RAMQ in the context of the pandemic, click here

Communication regarding the RAMQ latest newletters and FMOQ publications – Général Practitioners


Here are updates on medical billing for general practitioners and upcoming changes.

A RAMQ newsletter will be published in the next few days. It is important to mention that we are only communicating the essential points of the changes announced by the RAMQ and that a complete reading of said infoletter is necessary for your understanding.

This is the link for detailed information :Newsletter summary

FAQ : teleconsultations COVID-19



Below are answers to some of the most asked questions about teleconsultations related to COVID-19.

Do patients seen in teleconsultation count in the number of patients seen / registered for office fees (codes 19928, 19929) if I am normally entitled to them?
Yes, as long as the encounter qualifies as a visit and that the patients are registered.

Are the new patient visit and the supplement for non registered patient (codes 1995X) billable for patients whose care was ultimately taken over the phone by teleconsultation?
Depending on the patient's condition, a management visit may require an examination (patient with heart or respiratory failure, etc.). In this case, it is not appropriate to claim VPEC (new patient visit). If the patient does not require a physical examination because his situation is simple, it is conceivable to request a VPEC.

Until Friday March 20, the CMQ's position was that teleconsultation should only be used to assess known patients. The College has since changed its position and allows it, but stresses that physicians must respect the limits imposed by the means they use and judge on a case-by-case basis.

We therefore recommend that you register the patient and bill a walk in visit or a clinical intervention for the first teleconsultation appointment (if an examination is necessary) and wait for a next appointment in person to bill the new patient visit and the non registered patient supplement (codes 1995X).

I participate in daily and weekly meetings for public health and COVID-19. Can I bill my administrative hours in GMF (activity code 072101) or my medico-administrative hours (activity code XXX043) if I am on an hourly rate?
Some facilities tell us that these meetings are informative and participation is voluntary. Other meetings deal with the specific organization of the GMF to contribute to the evaluation of patients in the context of the pandemic. The FMOQ is discussing the possible avenues of compensation for these meetings with the ministry.

If doctors want to use their bank of medico-administrative hours in GMF to remunerate the participation in these meetings which deal with the functioning of GMF during the pandemic, they can do so.

I do teleconsultations when I'm in the ER. Do I have the right to charge for these services with modifier # DC19?
Yes, you follow the same billing rules and codes as you normally do in your sector of activity. It is not limited to the clinic, CLSC or GMF-U.

I am in a position of imposed quarantine and I choose to conduct teleconsultations for my patients from home. Am I paid according to the isolation measurement compensation or according to the services rendered in teleconsultation?
For the time being, when in isolation one cannot accumulate compensation plus fee for service remuneration for remote services; it's one or the other.

You are encouraged to lend a hand by performing teleconsultations. You are also encouraged to still note the services rendered if you choose the isolation compensation in case the modality changes.


I work in a designated COVID-19 office and I chose the fixed rate compensation method (code 19680). I see patients registered with my name. Can I charge 8875 (GMF annual fee) or 15169 (vulnerability supplement) supplements?
No, it is not in conformity to bill any other supplement or package than the codes 19681 and 19683 during the period when the package 19680 is claimed.

If I am in a designated COVID-19 clinic and I choose the fee-for-service method, can I invoice the package during unfavorable hours (code 19683)?
Yes, as long as it applies to the sector in question.

Our team continuously monitors the situation and we will continue to keep you informed on the subject as it evolves. This page will therefore be updated frequently.

Awaiting billing information related to COVID-19 for specialists


FMSQ and other associations have issued communications regarding billing for specialists. We are still waiting for the RAMQ infoletter which is the only official document. As soon as we’ll have the billing information, we will send them to you quickly.

Thank you all for your understanding and collaboration, and take good care of yourself.

New billing procedures for medical specialists as of March 9, 2020


Since March 9, 2020, a new element of context was created by RAMQ for ‘Centre de répartition des demandes de services (CRDS)’. This element of context can be applied to the 15299 code (consultation à la demande du CRDS) : Consultation réalisée ailleurs que dans le CRDS – LE 221 (raccourci #A221)

For additional information, please refer to Infolettre 340 from March 6, 2020.


Best regards,

Letter of Agreement 269 COVID-19 for general practitioners


Here is a summary of the latest COVID-19 newsletter.

It is important to mention that we are only communicating the essential points of the changes announced by the RAMQ and that a complete reading of said newsletter is necessary for your understanding.


Résumé de l'infolettre